Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms of Use

In the below terms and conditions, any reference to WeApply shall mean WeApply Technologies (Pty) Ltd t/a WeApply, a private company duly registered and incorporated in accordance with the company laws of the Republic of South Africa,  together with any subsidiary to WeApply, provided that subsidiary participates in any manner that is contemplated in these Terms and Conditions.

The laws of the Republic of South Africa regulate these Terms and Conditions.

The WeApply website is accessible to you, the user, subject to the Terms and Conditions as set out below. Your access and/or use of this website, constitutes your deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

WeApply reserves the right to make changes and alterations to these Terms and Conditions, from time to time, as may be required. Such changes and alterations may be made, without prior notice, at any time that WeApply deems necessary. The user is advised to revisit these Terms and Conditions on a regular basis to ensure one is familiar with any changes.

2. Financial Products

The objectives of WeApply are to operate merely as a facilitator in relation to the Financial Products (“the Financial Products”) offered by participating financial institutions, as referred to on the WeApply website.

The WeApply website merely provides links to participating financial institutions (“Third Party Institutions”) allowing the user access to the Financial Products referred to and offered by such Third Party Institution/s. WeApply has no influence or control over and is not responsible for the Financial Products offered by the Third Party Institution and same are subject to their own terms and conditions, as specified by the applicable Third Party Institutions, on their website or otherwise.

WeApply also has no control over, the Third Party Institutions, nor their Financial Products and thus WeApply assumes no responsibility in respect of anything such Third Party Institution offers, advertises, provides nor in respect of the use of same by the user.

The inclusion of any link, information or otherwise to a Third Party Institution and/or its Website is solely for the users ease and convenience as well as to serve as a guideline to the user. Such information is subject to change without notice to the user.

3. Disclaimer

WeApply attempts to ensure that all information provided is accurate and kept up to date, however, WeApply accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies of whatsoever nature provided in any information on the website.

The use and reliance on any information gained from this website is at the users own risk. The information provided does not purport to represent professional, financial, tax, legal or other advice, and it is recommended that the user refer their matter to the relevant professional for advice adapted to the user’s specific circumstances.

WeApply and its subsidiaries accept no liability, of any kind (other than that which would be illegal to exclude) for any loss or damages, direct or indirect, due to any act or omission arising from information or otherwise obtained by virtue of the access to and/or use of this website.

Any calculations, inclusive of the bond repayment calculations, that are intended to facilitate the user with regard to the WeApply website, shall be viewed as guidelines only and cannot be considered to represent the exact amount.

4. Information Transmission

WeApply confirms that it has procedures in place to protect the user’s security and information from being accessed and viewed by third parties during transmission, however, the users attention is drawn to the fact that data transferred via the internet is vulnerable to observation and interference. Access and use of the WeApply website is done at the user’s own risk. WeApply offers no warranties and shall not be held liable for any damages, loss or injury that the user might endure as a result of the transmission of the user’s information via the website.

5. Information provided by the User

The purpose of the WeApply website is to assist the user in applying for Financial Products provided by Third Party Institutions. As a result, the information provided by the user on the WeApply website shall be released to the relevant Third Party Institution to allow for the relevant application process to proceed.

WeApply may use the information provided on the website to confer information regarding other relevant WeApply products and services, to the user.

The user guarantees that the information it submits on the WeApply website shall be true, correct, up-to-date and comprehensive.

6. Intellectual Property and Trade Marks

This website as well as all material contained within it are copyrighted and thus safeguarded by intellectual property rights. The rights, title and interest in and to the material contained on the website is either owned by WeApply or alternatively, WeApply has obtained licenses for the use thereof.

The user may not make use of the materials on this website in any manner, including, but not limited to, copying, selling, distributing or sub-licensing, without WeApply’s written consent. Any unauthorized use of the website materials is considered a crime and leaves the wrongdoer liable to prosecution.

7. Abuse of website

The user warrants that he/she/it will not access and/or use the website in any manner or for any purpose that is considered unlawful and that could potentially harm, damage, deactivate, overload, or impair the WeApply website, or any other networks connected to the WeApply website.

The user warrants that he/she/is shall not affect any other user’s or third party’s use and enjoyment of the website.

The user is prohibited from gaining and/or attempt to gain access to any products, services, or otherwise that are linked to the WeApply server without authorization or to any of the products, services or otherwise through unlawful means including, but not limited to, hacking and/or password mining.

The user is prohibited from posting, commenting or transmitting any subject matter on this website that is unlawful or could cause any liability under the law of the Republic of South Africa.

The user may not utilize this website as a means to conduct any competing business with WeApply, including, but not limited to, any mortgage origination business.

Without in any way limiting the rights and/or remedies of WeApply, should the user engage in any conduct that constitutes an abuse of the website, WeApply may, without notice to the user, suspend the access to this website or any part thereof.

8. Legal

The user agrees to the jurisdiction of the Republic of South African with regard to any proceedings, actions, applications or otherwise, entered into by either WeApply, the user or any third party against the other, which arose from these Terms and Conditions.

All Legal notices and legal documentation addressed to WeApply shall be sent by registered post or delivered by hand to WeApply’s domicilium citandi et executandi being:

1st Floor Fulham House
Hampton Office Park
20 Georgian Crescent

9. Whole Agreement

These terms and conditions comprise the whole agreement between WeApply and the user.

10. Waiver

Any failure by WeApply to exercise or enforce any right or provision shall in no way constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

11. Severability

Should it be found that any clause, term or otherwise in these Terms and Conditions is invalid or unlawful, such clause, term or otherwise shall be severed from the remainder of the Terms and Conditions as if it never formed any part thereof. The remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall be considered valid and binding.